So it’s the beginning of a new year and I have decided to start a blog. This hopefully will turn into a place for my short to not-so-short opinions about everything sports, pop culture, and science related. Obviously since my professional training is as a computational chemist, I’ll try to sprinkle in a bit about any new and inspiring research that I come across. Also, as you’ll probably see, much of my opinions about certain aspects of sports and pop culture are heavily influenced by techniques that I learned doing theoretical and computational chemistry research.

The plan then is to write as often as possible, but at least once every two weeks—not that anyone is counting or even cares. One of the main reason for starting this blog, other than sparing my friends and family the incoherent ramblings of my brain, is to become more comfortable writing and inspired to write more in general. In any case, I hope you find it interesting.

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